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Pure Bred Labrador Puppies

Labrador Retrievers from Reputable Bloodlines

Our Labrador Retrievers are part of our farm family. They go everywhere we go, hunting groundhogs by day and protecting the farm at night. Taney Place labrador puppies are born from reputable blood lines. We carefully select breeding stock to produce puppies with good conformation and character.

New Litters Coming Soon

Thank you to everyone who contacted us about labrador puppies this year. We are happy to announce that all of our puppies joined new families. Please browse our puppy photos and stay in touch with us at facebook.com/battlecreeklabs. Contact us to find out about our next litters.

Due to the current state of uncertainty, waiting lists have been placed on hold. We hope to have litters closer to Summer and will begin waiting lists once we are more certain of how the process will go. Our dog’s and puppy’s health are our top priority. Please monitor the above link for most up to date info. 


Labrador Puppies at Taney Place Farm

Our Labrador Retriever Breeding Stock

Female Labrador Retriever Breeding Stock

Male Labrador Retriever Breeding Stock

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