Battle Creek Beef & Pork Maryland

Southern Maryland farm fresh beef

Battle Creek Beef is a “natural” beef product.

We pride ourselves on being as “natural” as possible with attention being paid to the quality of our animals’ lives as well as the quality of the products produced. Selecting animals with superior genetics and providing a balanced diet with clean, natural feeds and essential vitamins and minerals, we ensure optimal performance and an exceptional quality to the meats. We also offer all natural pork, chicken and eggs.

What we offer:
Individual cuts
Quarters, Sides & Whole Beef

The cattle we raise for meat are kept on rich pastures until they are a year old.

At that time, we offer a corn/barley ration with leafy alfalfa hay, all raised by us on our farm, while they continue to graze. This grain and alfalfa mix creates marbling in the beef, which enhances the flavor. No growth hormones, medicated feeds or animal by-products are ever fed. Free choice minerals are provided to address any deficiencies that might exist in their diet.

The cattle are always handled using humane methods.

We walk among them daily to keep them calm and check for any issues that might exist. Using rotational grazing, the cattle are moved monthly to fresh pasture which decreases parasite activity and keeps them growing and healthy.

We chose USDA approved facilities that use humane procedures to process the animals.

Our beef is dry-aged for 14 to 21 days to enhance flavor and tenderness. It is vacuum sealed and quick frozen to ensure freshness and lengthen its preserved time.


Battle Creek Beef Maryland


Natural”- livestock raised for meat production entirely without growth hormones, direct fed antibiotics or animal by products

Dry Aging– a process that tenderizes meats, concentrates flavor, produces a superior taste and texture. It is costly because the process requires time and expertise. Moisture is evaporated from the meat; which allows the meat’s natural enzymes to break down connective tissue in the muscle leading to more tender meat.

Humane treatment– animals are able to express normal behaviors and are in an appropriate and comfortable environment that includes sufficient space with access to outdoors and/or pasture. Animals are provided proper facilities with food, water, shelter and company of their own kind

Pasture-raised and Grain-finished – access to pastures while adding alfalfa hay and ground corn and barley the last 60-90 days for better flavor and tenderness.