Taney Place Farm is about family
and the legacy of the land.

The farm has been in our family since the early 1800’s. Beginning as a tobacco farm, it has passed down through nine generations, with my children’s children being the tenth one.

My mother once said, “No one will ever own Taney Place. We are merely caretakers for the next generation.” With that role in mind, protecting the integrity of our historic home and farmland and leaving it better than we began, is our goal. We look to the future to be sustainable, producing quality products with pride of being as natural as possible and sensitive to the environment.

Our farm grows corn, wheat, soybeans, hay, straw, and Angus beef, Battle Creek Beef, LLC. We raise angus cattle and produce high quality, all natural, pasture-raised / grain-finished beef sold by the individual cut or by the quarter/side. We also raise hogs for all natural pork and cage-free chickens for eggs.

Taney Place Farm breeds Labrador retrievers for family pets. Our love of the land and the animals that inhabit it, dictates our pursuit of the livelihood of farming. Charlie and Katie Wells, the youngest generation in business on the farm also breed Labrador puppies through Battle Creek Labs.


  • “Cooperator of the Year” Calvert County Soil Conservation District, 1983 & 2004
  • Farm permanently preserved under Maryland and Calvert County Agricultural Preservation programs
  • Beef Quality Assurance Certified
  • Farm Bureau members